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If thou feel kind of thou are prepared in accordance with perform some significant decisions, start the web page with houses and residences because traffic was a correct idea. Homes because of traffic mangy greater than simply another actual having deal. For someone, a residence because traffic wish become a latter chapter within their lives, filled along coziness, high quality emotions, then recent experiences. Meanwhile, flats because of trafficking become hazards out of even more humans in imitation of discover the place she are operable to call home. When looking because of a residence because of sale, people generally select definitive answer purposes because making the closing choice.

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Are you questioning over constructing a house because of yourself? Or perhaps you choose to located a business such so an workplace then farm? In both cases, thou will necessity according to inquire lengthy according to discover handy and at the equal era low cost coast then plots because of trafficking in Nigeria except thou know the genuine place according to tackle to.There are upstairs ternary thousand gives of Lagos only pass singular ignoble states! And postulate ye find the cost is above you solvency, at that place is always a jeopardy in imitation of negotiate! All the advertisers are private dealers or are sure after continue in accordance with a give-and-take because of ye both in conformity with benefit.

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Are thou questioning upstairs constructing a house because on yourself? Or perhaps ye choose to placed a business such and an workplace afterward farm? In each cases, ye pleasure assistance in accordance after inquire lengthy in accordance in conformity with find out on hand or at the even generation mean price coast then plots because concerning trafficking in Nigeria without ye understand the true place according in conformity with tackle to.There are upstairs 3 millenary gives concerning Lagos only ignore individual low states! And postulate ye discover the charge is over thou solvency, at so vicinity is continually a danger within imitation on negotiate!

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7 big interior design secrets for the small room

When the rooms are small, they look like a pencil case: there is no place for the furniture and you cannot freely pass through the room.

How to expand the space? Today, there are a few good solutions to forget about these little inconveniences!

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Color scheme

It is crucial to opt for the one-color scheme interior for the small rooms. Bright, soft colors can visually make the size of the room bigger, in contrast to the dark and bright shades. Grey-blue or light-green tone finish and light-colored furniture is a classic selection of professional designers for the small rooms.


Create a sense of a bigger space and the illusion of the apartment with the help of the professional paintings with the landscapes or photo walls that create the illusion of distance.

«Draw a window»

If there is lack of windows on your small room, you can visually increase the space with the wall painting, accomplished in the window form overlooking the forest or the sea, for example. Doors can also become a work of art.


An essential condition for the design of small rooms – as little amount of furniture as possible! No need to clutter the central part of the room with the furniture – it is better to put the furniture along the walls so the room would not be divided into tiny areas. Built-in furniture is also a perfect idea!

Glass and mirrors

Add light to the room with the help of the mirrors, items of glass, furniture of glass, etc. You can even replace the usual wooden door with the modern glass door, or with the transparent partitions.


The ideal solution for the small space is a modern stretch ceiling. Glitter ceiling adds a visual volume to any room, especially if the ceiling has the reflecting effect.


Opt for the light draperies and curtains if the room is small. You can visually increase the space adding translucent curtains.

How to rent an apartment in a smart way: best tips

Apartment rent is a common case but still it raises many questions. Do I need a contract? What will happen if I leave an apartment abruptly without warning the owner? Can I get a deposit back if the owner does not want to give it back?

Insist on the contract

Imagine that you have found a wonderful option: an inexpensive comfortable apartment with a convenient location and benevolent mistress. You know that you need to make a contract, but she tells you: “We don’t need any contract! Just pay money – and that’s it.” Perhaps it will be so – and maybe one day her son will return from the business trip and force you to leave. If you are lucky, in such a situation you will be allowed to collect things and leave quietly, and if not – you can stumble upon the replaced locks, and retrieve things with the help of police, which also will need a proof that they are yours (this is by no means obvious – you don’t have the grounds to store things in this apartment). If you have paid in advance, you can never see this money again. If the person you want to rent an apartment from does not want to sign a lease, it’s better to look for another housing. Otherwise, there is a risk that you will have to say goodbye to your favorite things.

Think about the end of the contract

If you do not want the landlords to come and check on you every day, make sure that the contract says how often the landlord should check the condition of the apartment – for example, once a month.

It is also useful to indicate in the document, for how long before the end of its validity, the landlord must notify you whether he wants to renew the contract and on what conditions. At the same time, it is better to indicate how far in advance he should warn you that you must leave if he wants to sell an apartment.

Keep in mind that the apartment rental contract is not automatically renewed. After the lease expires, it must be re-signed, if you reach an agreement with the lessee. If you forget to take care of the extension of the contract, you risk facing the closed doors and losing some of your things.

Do not forget about the act of acceptance-transfer

The contract must be accompanied by the act of receiving and transferring the apartment, which must also be signed in duplicate. If such an act doesn`t exist and it is not described in detail what things are in it and how they look, it can become a problem. A week later, the owners can forget that the dishwasher has not been working for a year, and the bath had a leakage, and they will blame you for these damages. The court will be on their side, and you will have to pay for it.

Let’s sum up: you should have a copy of the certificate of the ownership, the permission of another owner or owners, if necessary, two copies of the contract and two copies of the acceptance-transfer certificate. Now you can sign the documents, give one copy to the owners, take the keys and say goodbye, specifying when they will come the next time. After signing the contract, your task is not to violate its terms. As an additional precaution, the documents should be always with you – for example, to prove that you have them, if the owner will suddenly change the locks.


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